Heavy Duty Cable System

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Standard bow sizes are 98" with 12" rise and 104" with 12" rise, custom sizes and rises are available.

Heavy Duty Cable System

Standard Bow Size is 98" with 12" Rise

Fits trailers up to 40'

Available in Manual Ground Control Crank or Electric Motor

1.14707Aluminum Front Mounting Assembly, 95" Length
2.14291Aluminum Wind Deflector, 95" Length
3.14288Steel Tarp Tension Bar 95" Length
4.13810Standard 98" Width & 12" rise bow with standard sliders
4.14953Custom Width & Rise Cable bow w/ bottom sliders
4.14954Custom Width & Rise cable bow with square sliders
5.14240Anti-Lift Posts
6.14973RAluminum Anti-Lift Plate - Right Side
7.14973LAluminum Anti-Lift Plate Left Side
8.14786SRear Cable Mount ASM, Steel
8.14786ARear Cable Mount ASM, Aluminum
9.148481/4" - 14 x 3/4" Self Drilling Screw
10.14290Cable Clips
11.148823/8" x 1-1/2" Self Tap Screws
12.11140Chain Crank Assembly for Cable System
13.1467542-Tooth Sprocket
14.146747-inch Front Pulley
15.142871" Pulley Shaft, 103" Length
16.145331" Dia. Pillow Block Bearing
17.148471/2"-13 x 3" Carriage Bolt
18.149911/2"-13 x 2-1/2" Carriage Bolt
19.1487418-Tooth Sprocket for 1" Shaft
20.14914Motor Mounting Plate
21.14985Flange Bearing Mounting Plate
22.141331" Dia. Flange Bearing
23.148739-Tooth Sprocket for 3/4" Shaft
24.1395790:1 Bulletproof Tarp Motor

192" Underbody Mount Bullteproof Aluminum System, Standard Duty Kit
Total System Cost With.... Retail Distributor
15073 97" Wide Wind Deflector $2,275.22 $1,137.961
15074 103" Wide Wind Deflector $2,283.62 $1,141.81
15075 102" Wide Smooth Wind Deflector $2,287.82 $1,143.91
15076 Open Top Aluminum Housing Up to 102" Wide $2,529.32 $1,264.66
15077 92" Wide Aluminum Housing $2,829.62 $1,141.81
15078 98" Wide Aluminum Housing $2,853.78 $1,426.89
15079 104" Wide Aluminum Houseing $2,877.92 $1,438.96
HD Bulletproof System For Trailer, 13 Coil Spring And Contact Plate
Total System Cost With.... Retail Distributor
15088 Add XL Scrap Hauler Housing $3,717.00 $1,858.50
Trailer Wiring Instead Of Contact Plate, Add -Wire To Part Number, And Add $189.00 $94.50

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Anti Lift Kit

Electric Cable System Conversion

Polished Aluminum Wind Deflector


Aluminum Front Mount Assembly

Horizontal Conductor Plug

Vertical Conductor Plug

15' Coiled Trailer Wire

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