Landscaping Pull Tarp System

Will cover up to 26' with standard tarps and 20' flaps.

Fits dump bodies up to 26'

Aluminum extruded 3" roller bar.

Comes assembled, tarp mounted, and spring pre-loaded to save hours in installation.

Landscaping Pull Tarp System

Upgrade from Standard Duty to

Aluminum extruded 3" roller bar

Machined aluminum end caps and the heaviest spring for the application in the industry

Shipped preassembled, tarp mounted, and spring pre-loaded to save hours in installation

Reference NumberPart NumberDescription
1.11208Polished Aluminum Wind Deflector 103" Wide
1.11380Polished Aluminum Wind Deflector 97" Wide
2.11295Aluminum Tarp Spool Mounting Bracket W/ Bumper
3.11143Bumper for Tarp Spool Mounting Bracket
4.13402Spring Return Roller Assembly
5.14010Pull Style Adapter Plate
6.111393/4" Axle Bearing
15.14581Aluminum Rear Pullbar Assembly
Available System Upgrades

Pull Style Spring Return Tarping System

Part # 13429

Part NumberDescription
1339197" Wind Deflector
00165Adjustable Steel Housing
1343092" Wide Aluminum Housing
1343198" Wide Aluminum Housing
13432104" Wide Aluminum Housing
1392184" Wide Steel Housing
1405389" Wide Steel Housing
1392096" Wide Steel Housing

192" Underbody Mount Bullteproof Aluminum System, Standard Duty Kit
Total System Cost With.... Retail Distributor
15073 97" Wide Wind Deflector $2,275.22 $1,137.961
15074 103" Wide Wind Deflector $2,283.62 $1,141.81
15075 102" Wide Smooth Wind Deflector $2,287.82 $1,143.91
15076 Open Top Aluminum Housing Up to 102" Wide $2,529.32 $1,264.66
15077 92" Wide Aluminum Housing $2,829.62 $1,141.81
15078 98" Wide Aluminum Housing $2,853.78 $1,426.89
15079 104" Wide Aluminum Houseing $2,877.92 $1,438.96
HD Bulletproof System For Trailer, 13 Coil Spring And Contact Plate
Total System Cost With.... Retail Distributor
15088 Add XL Scrap Hauler Housing $3,717.00 $1,858.50
Trailer Wiring Instead Of Contact Plate, Add -Wire To Part Number, And Add $189.00 $94.50

Download Installation Instructions

Polished Aluminum Wind Deflector

Rear Pull Bar Assembly

Optional Steel Housing

Adj. Width Spring Return Roller Assembly Part# 99

Spring Return Roller Assembly, Fixed Width Part #13402

Pull Style Adapter Plate Part# 14010

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