, 「障害」、「妨害」の英単語の違いと使い分け/obstacle、obstruction、impediment、barrier、hindrance、disorder、disability、disturbance、interference、hurdle、intercept、interrupt、retardation | イラスト英単語学習, twitterアカウントが登録されていません。アカウントを紐づけて、ブックマークをtwitterにも投稿しよう!, はてなブックマーク - 「障害」、「妨害」の英単語の違いと使い分け/obstacle、obstruction、impediment、barrier、hindrance、disorder、disability、disturbance、interference、hurdle、intercept、interrupt、retardation | イラスト英単語学習, 「延長する」、「延ばす」、「伸ばす」の英単語の違いと使い分け/prolong、extend、protracted、elongate、lengthen、stretch | イラスト英単語学習, ビジネスにおける「目標」、「目的」の英単語の違いと使い分け/goal、objective、target、aim、purpose | イラスト英単語学習, 「減少する」の英単語の違いと使い分け/decrease、lessen、reduce、dwindle、decline、drop | イラスト英単語学習, Ozawa Kenji 小沢健二 on Twitter: "筒美京平さんへの追悼として、思い出です。どうしても派手な話(高級車とかワインとかお金とか)が並び、そこだけ切り取られると誤解されるので、抜粋・引用はしないでください。長い全体を、ある私小説、ある鎮魂歌、ある手紙として読んでいただけ…", 「欧米の大学院で給料をもらっていない理系の学生は一人もいない」。日本で博士学生が減るのが当然な理由(室橋祐貴) - 個人 - Yahoo!ニュース, 「こういう生活力を身につけるのも大事」娘にコンビニで切手を買うよう頼んだら『文房具売り場になかった』と言われた話 - Togetter, スティーブ・ジョブズの風変りなマネジメント術がAppleを成功させ続けている - GIGAZINE,, 韓日軍事交流協力強化へ、情報保護協定締結はまだ(1) (中央日報日本語版) - Yahoo!ニュース. On objects with height over 150 m, the light operates in flashing mode and is referred to as type B. vaincre un obstacle.

Obstacle, which is used of both material and immaterial things, applies to an object, condition, or situation which stands in one s way and…

S4GA offers obstruction lighting products manufactured by its Polish partner BSSTC.PL. L. obstaculum, fr. legal restriction is a less effective impediment than the general sentiment that respectable people do not discuss birth control— Petersen, long sentences are a bar to easy reading— Mott, under the immigration laws, a criminal record, an infectious disease, and illiteracy are bars to admission to the United States, he found his infirmity no bar to his success in his profession, must I new bars to my own joy create?— Dryden, might run into a snag on the question of whether federal aid should be extended—PP.

s. m. Empeschement, opposition, ce qui empesche qu une chose ne soit, ne se fasse, ne reüssisse. Aircraft warning lights for buildings, cranes, telecommunication towers, Obstruction lights for wind turbines, bridges, pylons, high voltage lines, and other obstacles, Aviation obstruction lights for ATC towers, airports, and helipads. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this.

love seats especially constructed for ardent couples who find such devices as armrests an obstacle to affectionate hips and hands— Green Peyton, they smash themselves against the obstacles of circumstance— Cloete, as to other social advancement, his record was an obstacle—S. The following types of lights (ICAO) are available: high intensity obstruction lights type A/B,  medium intensity obstruction lights type A, B, C; low intensity obstruction lights type A/B; solar obstruction lights type A (low intensity). 概要を表示 「障害」、「妨害」の英単語の違いと使い分け/obstacle、obstruction、impediment、barrier、hindrance、disorder、disability、disturbance、interference、hurdle、intercept、interrupt、retardation 「障害(する)」、「妨害(する)」を意味する英単語の違い

I have made my way through more impediments than twenty times your stop— Shak.

obstacle, obstruction, impediment, bar, snag denote something which seriously hampers action or progress.

See {Stand}.